We innovate to help solve your problems.

Company based in the United Kingdom.

What do we do?

We craft beautiful technological solutions.

Who are we?

We're a small, friendly and talented team, and we work hard to accelerate and innovate.

Our team

Glenn Melford-Colegate

Founder and Joint-CTO

Glenn oversees the company’s R&D strategy, drawing from his decades of experience in start-ups. He creates a vision of design, innovation and invention to allow Enigma to bring well-researched and well-designed products to the market, engineering solutions to problems and using technology to change lives.

Katherine Priestley


Katherine is an active investor at the forefront of specialist technology areas. She has 35 years of experience working worldwide in finance, consulting, and M&A, and has extensive experience in funding and growth management at all levels of business development.

Nasim Ahmad


Nasim has vast experience in IT program development across a range of specialised fields and leads the software development team for Enigma He has worked with companies such as Disney, Toyota, Sapient, Xerox, and Tesco, and currently works on technologies related to AI, Cloud, IoT, IIoT, and autonomous transportation.

Rich Mayes

Project Lead, Planning

Rich is Enigma’s driving force in Project Management and Delivery – expertly guiding technical planning and product testing to cultivate innovation and deliver to deadlines. Leveraging his extensive background in managing multi-million-dollar projects, he bridges communication between the technical teams, ensuring successful delivery of core projects.

Michael McGovern

Head of Testing and Compliance

Michael, with his rich 35+ years of experience in start-ups, leads product testing, quality assurance, and compliance at Enigma. His philosophy of “honest and effective business” has been instrumental in ensuring that our products undergo rigorous testing and quality checks, setting the stage for seamless integration across diverse business sectors.

Adam Heaps

Finance and Compliance

Adam is a chartered accountant with experience of global operations across many sectors and jurisdictions. He oversees budgeting, finance and tax at Enigma INC. Adam's analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of regulatory frameworks ensures efficient change implementation and decision making.

Robert Guest

Legal and Contractual

Robert was educated at Abingdon School and Balliol College in Oxford, and held General Counsel and Compliance director roles at Societe Generale Asset Management, and Johnson Fry. Robert is now the director of  several financial services and property companies, where he acts a part-time in-house lawyer, compliance officer, MLRO, and data protection officer.

Jim Dalziel

Head of Manufacturing

Initially a manufacturing engineer, Jim was educated at Glasgow College of Technology. Jim has progressed solidly up to senior management positions over his 35 years in the industry, and was instrumental in the set up of KMS-Kiosk in 2006 as its owner/director. Recently, Jim has worked as a consultant / project manager across many different business sectors.

Gareth Mancini

UI/UX Head

With a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of South Wales, Gareth leads the research and development of UI/UX for the product suite. He has been involved in researching best practices and adding to the workflow to move product designs forward to delivery.

Tracey-Anne Haynes

Creative Director

Tracey-Anne has over 20 years of experience across all sectors of the design industry, working with companies such as Caterpillar, TCS John Huxley and JCB. For the last decade, she has also provided branding, marketing, and merchandising consultancy to companies and start-ups, including GlaxoSmithKline, London Pedicabs, and Heaven (by Deborah Mitchell).

Helen Eracleaous

Head of Administration

Helen has over 15 years-experience  in business organisation and  administration, and performs  this function at Enigma , assisting with the administration  of the business and supporting the C-Suite in all business functions  including technology management. Helen has also worked as a key team member of Park Vale Capital for over 6 years.

For Enigma, 2020 was a character building year.
No resources, no rewards .... but hard fought and hard won.
2021 was about realisation, delivery and progression.
2022 - Welcome to the EnigmaVerse!
Glenn Melford-Colegate, Founder