Success – Tracey Jane Fashion

Tracey Jane, Founder and Managing Director of Tracey Jane Fashion, knew she needed to transform her business to match her ambitions for her brand. The Tracey Jane Fashion team worked with Enigma to design a new website, new branding, and logos, while Enigma built a full e-commerce backend to include inventory management and advised on Digital Marketing strategy.

Tracey Jane Fashion has since seen a major increase in online traffic and sales, plus the online visibility and engagement of the brand has significantly increased. Tracey Jane Fashion not only survived the lockdown, remaining the only female focussed fashion business in her town to do so, but with Enigma’s help was able to revitalise and future-proof her business.

In April 2022, Tracey Jane Fashion also became the first business level customer for the Arch router and AVPN service.
“I came to Enigma to transform my one-dimensional bricks and mortar shop into an online boutique emporium to reflect what I wanted the Tracey Jane brand to represent. They have delivered a full e-commerce solution, above and beyond my expectation, and facilitated the expansion and improvement of my business. As a bonus, I have received lots of strategic advice and direction that will inform my decision-making moving forward.”